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Writer's Block: Career paths

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I would like to be a travel photography/journalist.

Ladybug birthday cake

Today we are having a birthday playdate for my daughter Molly with my friends. She just turned one. This is the second time I make my own fondant to decorate a cake. It came out better than I thought. I was so tired last night, I coudnt see straight. I ran into a few problems. One that I didnt make the red part long enough. So I kind of patched it in one corner. And i didnt have something to cut the spots, so I did it with a knife. But after looking at it this morning, I'm happy with the results. Takes practice for sure! I love baking and decorating so much. Here's a few pics...

closeup, cheeeese! :)


Making progress

the week before last, I tried to make some changes in my eating habits. I pretty much failed. But for sure in my mind, I was trying to get it into my head, I was trying to come to peace with myself and food. I was not happy. I wasn't sleeping well. My back was killing me.

This past week, I did much better. I am more calm. I managed to exercise on the wii more often than usual. I am still not sleeping as well as I would like or should. I also still have body ackes. Here are some of the things I accomplished this past week:
1. learned to count calories, used to help me with that
2. worked out more
3. started taking my vitamins and flaxeed oil (im hoping this will help my cholesterol to go down)
4. Ate several vegetarian meals
5. reduced my meat intake, measured meat, trying to stay around no more than 4 oz in one meal

This morning I weighted myself and I have lost about a couple of pounds in the last week. But I was even more surprised when I measured my waist and I have lost 1.5 inches!!! I was like, whaaaaaaaaat?!?!? Pretty amazing.

I dont feel as bloated and my cravings are better. But this morning I woke up super duper hungry, even though I cheated last night and ate a super duper bad dinner. Fries and fried chicken tenders...opps! So, I'm having trouble with the hunger issue and sometimes I think Im eating a little too little. So I have to figure out the whole calories thing and how much to eat to make sure my tummy is satisfied.

I'm happy with the results so far. I want to get under 140. Right now I'm 157 lbs. I still haven't lost all the baby weight. Before I was about 145 or so. So I got a long way to go. I've set my goal to be super hot skinny bitch by my birthday in May. haha. Why not? Its summer time baby! I'm also hoping to get my breast reduction soon after that, so I'm going to be sooooooo happy to reach that goal. I probably lose about 5 lbs just from the reduction. wohoo!


William Sonoma Train Cake

I made this for my friends three year old birthday party a few weeks ago. She bought the train pan from William Sonoma. There was a recipe on there, it was a sour cream vanilla type of cake. It was pretty good, not my favorite, but good, and I also made some chocolate trains. I made buttercream icing and mixed the colors in to decorate. I used a variety of candy and mini oreo cookies for the wheels. Kit Kat chocolate bars where used for the train tracks. The kids loved it! Before we sang happy birthday some of the candy was gone, kids where picking on it. hehe.



Mia and birthday boy Dylan. They're been friends since they were crawling babies. And now they're three! wow! Mia always likes to be right in front of the birthday cake. I think in all the parties shes like right there, ready to eat it. My girl LOVES cakes and birthday parties.

wii fit, week 2

I haven't been able to get into the groove since Friday :/ However, I did 30 minutes today. I did the boxing, bicycle and stregth training. Tonite I will do 20 minutes of yoga. I've been tempted to buy the EA sports active game or the Jillian 2010. I like the idea of the Active game because it has a 30 day challenge. And aparently it pretty much guides you through it. With wii fit I have to figure out what to do. There are some options, buts it not like it tells you what to do, lets say, for a week or something like that. I hate to waste my time. And I'm so used to working out at the gym, mainly taking classes. So its kind of hard to get into it. I can see how it can get boring quickly. I will give the wii fit a little longer before spending $60 on the other game.

Also, today I went to the grocery store and bought some healthy foods. Hopefully I can change those bad habits quickly. Thats really what its going to help me lose weight faster.

Day 4 - wii fit

I found a support group! The website Wii Mommies. I haven't had a chance to really browse through it. But I'm glad I found it.

I'm still doing horrible with the food. I feel bloated. I'm sad to say that I ate Popeyes fried chicken fingers yesterday. I was starving when I ate them, so over ate. I think I ate too light all day and over ate for dinner. Need to eat healthy snacks.

And I'm still really sore from a few days ago. I didnt really work out yesterday. I did a few of the games and six minutes of the boxing. But I was feeling really tired all day yesterday.

Today I woke up early again. But was only able to do 20 mintues before my kids woke up. I guess I need to wake up earlier! I will do some more later, after we all have our breakfast.

Day 3

I am so sore! I did over an hour on the wii fit. 30 min yoga and stregth and the rest where cardio and balance games. I did the boxing one several times. I didnt think it was doing much. But I can feel my back muscles sore. I didnt work out this morning because I was not feeling good. But I'm going to try to later.

I'm also having a lot of trouble not eating the hersey kisses that are sitting on a container on top of the fridge. They're for my daugther,she's potty training. I've been eating less of them, but haven't stopped completely. We've been buying those for weeks now. Thats probably where the gain weight came from. I need to stop.

I still haven't found a wii fit support group. I'm going to look now.

Day Two

Day Two wii fit

Last night I did not get a good night sleep. My daugther was fussy. Went to bed about 2am, but she kept moving around and waking me up through the night. I managed to wake up about 630am and did 30 minutes of wii fit.

At first I didnt think this could work. But as more time I spend with it I realized that I need to focus more and get into it to get the best results.

I'm going to try the Gillian workout again later today. Hopefully this time it will record what I did. The first time I did it a couple of days ago it didnt record any of it and I ran in place a lot. ugh! :/ Buts its okay, I know I did it!

Also focused this week on eating better. Thats always one of my biggest battles and I know that it is also the main thing that will help me lose weight. So, lets see how that goes. My appetite is a lot less than it use to, so hopefully that will help me keep from over eating.

I measured my belly and it was 38.5. Thats what I recorded on the wii. I'll need to take some body pictures sometime this week.

Starting to use wii fit

(fyi, my journal is mostly private, friends only, but there are some open entries. But I will be posting some public entries more often starting this year.)

Thanks to my inlaws, I got the wii fit for Christmas. Totally unexpected! I was going to the gym with my two girls at the YMCA. However coudnt afford it anymore and they were getting sick every other week, so we quit. I had lost 10 pounds already and I was feeling soooo good. But its been a few months and I am five pounds heavier and I feel out of shape again. So, I'm hoping that this wii fit thing works out for me.

I started officially yesterday. Really only a test trial to see how it works. I also did some of the Jillian workout. However I quit early because my kids needed me and it didnt record any of it! I was so upset because I did a lot of running in place and I have no record of it :/ But I know I did it, so thats what matters.

I set a goal for myself to do it everyday. Everyday because I have two kids and I am not sure how much time I can put in. Today I woke up at 615 am and I did 20 minutes, but my daugther was sleeping on the couch for some reason I dont know! and so I kinda woke her up.

Right now I'm 158 lbs. I want to get down to 140s to start. But ideally I want to be in the 130s range. I'm 5'5". Had a baby 11 months ago, still haven't lost all of the baby weight. Before I was about 145 lbs. I'm overweight and I hope that I can lose weight and have more energy.

I'm looking online for a support group, but haven't found one yet :/ I'll keep looking.
I found this at LJ's ONTD


Here I am wearing it...